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EverTrend Company Profile

Shanghai EVERTREND Enterprise Co., LTD is a professional RFID Tags and Cards manufacturer in China. The EVERTREND is a rigistered brand with high performance in RFID area. As the professional RFID tags manufacturer and smart cards manufacturer in China, EVERTREND provides many types of RFID cards and RFID tags with various frequency in different shapes, such as UHF On Metal RFID Tags, RFID laundry tags, RFID animal tags, RFID wristband tags, ABS RFID tags, RFID Disc tags, RFID self-adhesive tags, RFID car tags, RFID key chains etc. Our diverse products will meet different needs of fields, such as Asset Tracking, Access control system, Amusement park management,Animal or Pets Identification management, Baby Identifications, Supply Chain Management, Laundry Management, Tyre Management and Anti-theft. EVERTREND designs special UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 RFID Metal tags and UHF Laundry Tags. It has great performance in great reading distance and lower price. Our special research result of small size UHF tags are also very popular in RFID application. We also provide custom design for the special requirement of different applications.

ABS RFID Wristbands»

ABS RFID Wristbands is designed for reusable wristband, mostly used for the application for Event/festival, Park, entertainment center, access control etc…….

Fabric RFID Wristbands»

Fabric RFID Wristbands is avaible for brand logo printing and customized. The Fabric no harmful for humanbody and environment friendly……

RFID Tvyek Wristbands»

RFID Tvyek Wristbands is designed for one time use wristband, waterproof, mostly used for the application for Event/festival……

Vinyl RFID wristbands»

Vinyl RFID wristbands is designed for one time use wristband, mostly used for the application for water park, swimming pool, sport center, event/festival, promotion wristband, entertainment center, access control, hospital etc. The Vinyl RFID wristbands is water proof colorful as customized, barcode, QR code, brand logo printing is avaiable.

Silicone RFID Wristbands»

Silicone RFID Wristband mostly used for the application for water park, swimming pool, sport center, event/festival,no harmful for human body……

UHF RFID On Metal Tag 66-4»

Evertrend UHF RFID Metal Tag 66*4mm is special designed for the stell bar or somthing like very thin place.

UHF RFID Metal Tag 21*17mm»

UHF RFID Metal Tag 21*17mm has great reading distance for this size is small.

UHF RFID Metal Tag Φ10*1.5mm»

UHF RFID Metal Tag Φ10*1.5mm is the smallest UHF metal tag we provide. This model is popular in many application for it’s small size.

UHF RFID Metal Tag Φ16*2mm»

UHF RFID Metal Tag Φ16*2mm is special design for it’s circular shape and 2mm thickness.

UHF RFID Metal Tag 22*8mm»

UHF RFID Metal Tag 22*8mm is a smaller metal tags in Evertrend UHF Metal Tag family.

UHF RFID Metal Tag 30*30mm»

UHF RFID Metal Tag 30*30mm has long reading distance as 6M with this small size. The square size is most popular in many application.

UHF RFID Metal Tag 25*25mm»

Evertrend is a leader supplier for UHF RFID Metal Tag. The Evertrend rfid metal tag has been used in most application, such as logistics tracking, Asset Tracking, Container Tracking etc. UHF RFID Metal Tag 25*25mm has long reading distance as 5M with this small size.

Blank RFID Cards»

Evertrend provide both Blank RFID Cards and pre-printed RFID Cards. You can choose all range chips available on market for your project.

NFC Tags»

EVERTREND has different format NFC tags in supply, such as NFC wristband, NFC keyfob, NFC stickers, NFC disc tag etc.Here is some show of EVERTREND NFC tags. We can provide and customize the NFC tags for your application, if you can’t find the tag you need as below, please contact us for help, we can do more than listed.

RFID Disc Tags»

RFID Disc Tags is light, thin and durable. RFID Disc Tags can be made as ABS RFID Disc Tags, PET RFID Disc Tags, PVC RFID Disc Tags. We can both provide RFID Disc Tags with center hole and with no center hole.

RFID Temperature Sensor Tag EV-T220»

EVERTREND RFID Temperature Sensor Tag is design for monitor the envirment temperature and humidity (option). It can be used to monitor any application which need monitor the temperature, such as for food, medicine temperature during the transportation etc.

UHF RFID laundry tags»

UHF RFID laundry tags are specially designed for application requiring rugged harsh environmental. Due to its features of no contact and read multiple targets at one moment features, UHF RFID laundry tags can improve the efficiency of the management of clothing dramatically. Throughing sewing a washable UHF RFID laundry tag with

RFID Key Fobs Tags»

RFID Key Fob Tags also reference as RFID Key Fob, RFID keys, 125khz rfid key fob, rfid key tag, rfid key cards, rfid key fob manufacturers. RFID Key Fob (proximity RFID key ring) are made of durable ABS or PC material.The housing is finished by Ultrasonic plastic welding,which makes the ABS Tag water dust proof.

Paper RFID Cards and RFID Tickets»

RFID Tickets is one type of Paper RFID Cards (some RFID tickets are made of plastic) with both side preprinted image. RFID Ticket commonly used in the sports festival, football match, etc. Paper RFID Cards price is more cheaper than plastic RFID cards and windly used in the big ticket system.

Adhesive RFID Labels (RFID Stickers)»

what is Adhesive RFID Labels used? How about the rfid labels cost? Do you need a good Adhesive RFID Labels supplier? We are the professional Adhesive RFID Labels manufacturer and supplier in China.

rfid rings, rfid Chicken rings and rfid pigeon rings»

RFID rings is suitable for the pigeon, chicken, duck and Goose etc. Evertrend RFID rings isPigeon specially designed for Pigeon competition, chicken tracking etc. It meets the ISO11784 International standard. It uses the Hightags-256 tags

RFID Active Reader EV5000»

RFID Active Reader EV5000 widely use in the mine, ware house management and related RFID application. It configured with two sets reader model inside and can reach even longer reading distance as 100meters.

RFID Tyre Tags & RFID Tire Tags»

The Evertrend RFID Tire tag is UHF EPC Class1Gen2(ISO18000-6C) protocol RFID tag, which developed to be embedded within the tire during the manufacturing process and attach to the tire wall (it’s for after market solution). The tag provides a unique identification number which can be tracked. This will make it easy for the tire management, asset tracking, tire repair and prevent tire theft and cloning.