Asset Tracking Solution

                                                                             Asset Tracking 



Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, you share a common need for effective asset management & tracking. This means no longer having to scale ladders, crawl beneath desks or find keys to open cabinets in order to find or locate a valuable asset. As a bridge between the physical world and the existing IT system, RFID technology can effectively integrate the assets' daily management activities with the asset management system through the GPRS wireless remote transmission function, so as to achieve the real-time synchronization of physical information and system information.


  • Returnable assets such as crates, pallets, bins at manufacturers;
  •  Machinery and vehicles at manufacturing or construction sites;
  • Parts, their utilization and certification at oil & gas companies;
  • Uniforms and laundry;
  •  And many other assets in warehouses, offices, hospitals; indoors and out;


  • Quickly locate critical equipment and save time;
  • Achieve real-time physical inventory of assets;
  • Deliver more timely information for decision making;
  • Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets and infrastructure;
  • Improve security by preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas;
  • RFID and Bluetooth Smart systems, including tags, readers and software, enable personnel to locate tagged items without climbing ladders, crawling under desks, or having to be in direct line of sight;

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