For Theme/Water Park Solution


                                             RFID For Theme /Water Park 


The theme park RFID is mainly based on the application of the RFID Wristband. Through intelligent management systems, the identity of tourist is remotely identified for easier management.And support the electronic payment function, effectively avoid counterfeit money phenomenon. More convenient to the amusement park customer management.

RFID Wristband Electronic Tickets:

Intelligent system has the function to identify the identity of visitors,replacing the cumbersome traditional tickets.Since EVERTREND RFID Wristbands contain a unique chip identifier, they're impossible to duplicate- making them the ultimate anti-counterfeit ticket.From single-day visits to season pass guests, EVERTREND RFID wristbands provide faster access to the park while reducing the need for manual labor.Furthermore, EVERTREND can differentiate ticket “levels” (General Admission, VIP, etc.) upon scan, allowing you to set access controls to certain areas based on ticket holder's clearance level.  

Electronic Payment:

Intelligent system has the function of electronic payment, so that visitors can avoid the cumbersome traditional payment.Increase park revenue by providing cashless spending opportunities at food and beverage outlets, gift shops, vending machines, business service centers, and more!Transactions using RFID cashless payments are extremely quick and easy, taking about half the time compared to using credit cards or cash.With quicker processes come faster purchases, shorter guest lines, and more satisfied customers.  Less time waiting in line means guests now spend more time enjoying your parks amenities.

Keyless Doors & Lockers:

Create a Secure, Keyless Environment Throughout Your Park.EVERTREND RFID Wristbands increase security and guest convenience as they multi-task as the main access device for lockers, hotel rooms, VIP Areas, more!RFID access control applications are an extremely reliable solution.  Guest and employee access can be customized with unique access control assignments- including hotel rooms, lockers, VIP areas- including different levels, days, and hours of access granted per guest.Since RFID wristbands keep securely on the wrist, guests can enjoy your parks amenities without having to worry about forgetting or misplacing their key.Reduce time and money spent replacing lost or demagnetized keys and cards.  Unlike common magnetic stripe card door locks that collect dirt, RFID is a contact less interface which does not require regular maintenance, saving your staff time.

Park Tracking:

Real-time data and reporting capabilities allow park management to track and monitor park access points.Managers can find the specific location of the visitors in the park throug the intelligent system. 

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