RFID 4 Anti Counterfeit Solution

                                    RFID 4 Anti Counterfeit


Counterfeited products can have destructive effects not only on customer satisfaction but sometimes even consumer health or life and all this is reflected in loss of good business image and of course the revenues.

By implanting a NFC tag inside your product with our service, any Smartphone with NFC functions can easily trace and track the identity info of product too clearly identify real items against the fakes.

Manufacturing process:Register a NFC label into product after the last step of production QC process.Automatically associate the tag info with the product data information, these data are uploaded into our server.

Marketing and Distribution:Any goods or restricted samples, which bare a smart label, can now be tracked carefully. Since the goods/samples have a unique ID, the recipient can easily confirm the delivery note by their mobile phone. The distributors can easily check the genuineness and ensure no counterfeit products are mixed inside the goods. Their warranty record can also be associated to individual items.

Product Verification by Consumer:The customer/end-user can use their mobile phone to check the genuineness as well as product or warranty info.


  • Unique identification of product for authentication;
  •  Information about product (expiration date, manufacturing date, etc.);
  •  Supply chain information from manufacturing to store;
  •  Warranty tracking and service;


  • Unique identification of product for authentication ensures that the product has been manufactured by the brand manufacturer and therefore the recipe or technology is safe, sound and guaranteed. This prevents customer dissatisfaction and increases safety.Ensure the authenticity of your branded products and protect their value;
  •  Information about product, such as expiration date, manufacturing date, lot number and other data, helps to sort product for inventory management, recalls, picking, etc;
  • Monitor your sales channels and goods as they move through markets;Supply chain information from manufacturing to store to ensure that product is authentic and has not been tampered with throughout the supply chain;
  • Enabled lot identification creates recalls that save cost as only selected products or lots are recalled;
  • Warranty tracking and service enable servicing only authentic products that are in warranty, which saves time and cost (counterfeited products break more often and products out of warranty are usually not eligible for free service or exchange);
  • Protect your resellers and customers from fraud and criminal activities;

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