RFID For Medical Solution



                                                                               RFID For Medical


RFID product tags can also be used in patient identification. These RFID products, in the form of ID cards, wrist or ankle bands, or labels applied to patient records, can greatly aid in assuring that the right procedures and medications are applied.  In addition, the RFID products enable data system to call the correct record for the patient who is scanned, and aids in the reducing errors associated with data entry. In the face of emergency rescue, it can also save time, and will not delay the best time for rescue because of finding the history of the disease.RFID products can be used to track patient movements within a facility so that they will not get lost or enter areas that may hurt themselves.

Tracking mobile medical devices,including infusion pumps, syringe drivers, feeding devices, scanners, monitors, wheelchairs, mattresses and beds.

Laboratories can use RFID products to track tissue or fluid samples.  As samples move through various preparation steps, they can be automatically tracked, reducing errors from data entry or mishandling. Samples that arrive at the pathologist for analysis will automatically have the patient record and the indication called to the computer screen to ensure proper association of the sample with the patient.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve the level of hospital information and intelligent management;
  • Preventing patients and infants from being misidentified and receiving wrong treatment;
  • To help doctors or nurses to identify babies with similar characteristics and difficulty in communication, and prevent the phenomenon of wrong hold.
  • Through anti-demolition of labels, uniqueness of ID numbers and maternal-infant matching measures to prevent malicious exchanges and the baby was stolen.
  • Tracking in the hospital to prevent patients from reaching dangerous areas;

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