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As commerce becomes increasingly global, the task of tracking and managing animals and food products becomes ever-more critical and challenging. Animals cannot be stacked and stored like other products. They may be transported over long distances, often mingling with others from different locations. And farm animals, zoo animals and household pets alike are all potential carriers of diseases that can threaten animal and human health and lives. As with animals, tracking food products through processing and transport contributes to consumer health by identifying both product origins and possible problems in processing, handling, or transport. Aside from health concerns, tracking can also be critical for animals and food products that are particularly valuable or that require special protection.

Evertrend provides a diverse selection of RFID tracking devices for animals that enables farmers, breeders, and veterinarians to fulfill their traceability and identification needs. The RFID tags for animals are available at a variety of frequencies that include LF 125KHz ,UHF 860~868MHz 902~928MHz.The tags are offered in different materials and designs to comply with different needs. There are LF Glass Tube RFID tags that are enclosed in biocompatible glass, designed as a harmless tag for livestock and pets, which is injected under the skin of the animal.Additionally there are embeddable RFID tags usually used for pets and UHF animal ear tags that are usually made of TPU and are commonly for applications that demand high anti-collision rates. Most of the animal RFID tags are waterproof and shock resistant.

Features & Benefits

Automatic identification:The animal identity code is implemented so that the quarantine personnel can easily acquire the growth, disease, and quarantine status of the animal through the system handheld reader;

Traceability:The system tracks the whole life cycle of the animals and backs up the data to the information management center for the analysis of managers;

Security:The new generation RFID electronic tags are designed for animals, and the recognition response time is fast and the average failure rate is low, which can ensure the security, timeliness and stability of the tag recognition process;

  • Rapid response to major outbreaks,control the spread of disease and reduce loss;
  • Meat can be RFID tagged and preserved in cold storage. This is turn helps in food-safely and efficient meat management and better monitoring of its movement;
  • Improve the information literacy and management level of employees;


Find Your RFID Animal Tag


There are four major Livestock and Animal RFID tagsRFID Animal Rings Tags,RFID Animal Implant Tags,LF Livestock Tracking Ear RFID Tags,UHF Livestock Tracking Ear RFID Tags.                                                                                                                                                 

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