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Solution Overview:

NFC is entering the consumer technology mass market and is about to revolutionize everyday activities bringing a new era of transaction and personal mobility into our daily life.Based on 13.56 MHz Radio Frequency technology, NFC provides extended wireless uses cases to mobile devices. Considering existing mobile and contactless infrastructures, NFC devices increase customer convenience and enable services such as: Cashless Payment,Transport,Access Control, E-Ticketing,Loyalty Memberships,Device Pairing,Smart Poster Reading and NFC-enabled Mobile ID.EVERTREND has different format NFC tags in supply, such as NFC wristband, NFC keyfob, NFC stickers etc.We can provide and customize the NFC tags for your application, if you can't find the tag you need as below, please contact us for help, we can do more than listed.

Cashless Payment:

Easy pay with the smartphone.Near field communication (NFC) can be used to significantly simplify and speed up the payment process at the point of sale.The length of the payment process at the point of sale can be reduced considerably through NFC technology. Customers simply need to briefly hold their smartphone above the card reader device in order to complete the transaction.Involuntary wireless connections or third party access are prevented by the short distance of no more than 10 cm between NFC-enabled smartphones and the contactless till terminal to complete the payment transactions. This makes NFC the perfect, secure basis for cashless payment systems.

Smart Poster Reading:

Smart posters are here and they bring unique marketing solutions for every organisation that has a message to share.The secret lies in a tiny NFC tag that's embedded within the EVERTREND smart poster system. Touching a tag can give you additional information such as maps, web addresses and movie trailers. Also you can share web addresses, contacts, phone numbers, music tracks, videos or photos.

Loyalty Memberships:

Customer loyalty systems that use barcode-basedcards have gained a lot of popularity in the last decades, resultingin customer wallets that are overwhelmed with barcode-basedloyalty cards.Based on general and market research of customerloyalty systems, a customer loyalty system that uses NFC (NearField Communication) technology is designed that requires onlyone NFC medium (e.g., an NFC-enabled smart card or an NFC-enabled mobile device) for each customer, which is capable ofholding multiple virtual loyalty cards.

Device Pairing:

As the number of connected devices grow, the more important it becomes to connect them in a simple way. At the same, it is required to provide a consistent and pleasant user experience. NFC pairing is one popular NFC use case, just bringing two NFC-enabled devices close together is all it takes to create a connection. 

  • To connect to your TV, to transfer a video from your phone, or sharing screens between your tablet and the TV;
  • To connect to your camera to transfer pictures;
  • To connect your phone to a wireless speaker;
  • To connect your new devices to the home network;
  • To connect to your wearables to read your heart rate;

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