RFID For Safety Solution

                                            RFID For Safety

Dangerous place workers and guards safety:

The men and women working in high temperature and voltage place, harmful Chemical place, and other industrial plants perform in demanding, high-risk environments. Contractors and visitors are often unaware of security procedures or hazards require extra attention.Knowing who's on site and where they are is extremely important, but many companies rely on inefficient manual check-in or inaccurate self-scanning procedures.EVERTREND offers a comprehensive worker safety solution. It's easy to see where workers are now, and where they've been over a historical period, enabling you to analyse workflows and discover opportunities to improve productivity. Using EVERTREND  solution to minimise risk to workers ensures you're following industry best practices, whilst potentially saving you costs by enhancing efficiency.


  • Lower operational costs by preventing worker injury while providing a safe environment for workers to thrive within;
  • Optimise your decision-making,Respond to emergencies more effectively;
  • Reduce human error,increase accountability and compliance;


EVERTREND'S RFID Vehicle Tracking Solutions provide accurate, scalable and extremely reliable identification to seamlessly manage and control the movement of vehicles. 

What make the risk for the vehicle?                                                      

  • Blind spot of the vehicle;                                                    
  • Low Light;
  • Fog/Smoky/Dusty Environment;
  • Blind cornerrs of vehicle and building;
  • Careless Driving;
  • Unexpected appear in working place;

Vehicle Collision Avoidance – Stay Safe With vehicle Proximity Alert Feature:

Each year, vehicle operators are involved in collisions and accidents. The nature of driving a heavy-duty equipment while also carrying a bulky load is inherently risky. Visibility may be hindered by the load, and vehicle operators have to be aware of pedestrian workers and other forklifts operating in the area. It’s nearly impossible for a human to manage this at all times.However, a well-designed system with collision and proximity alert can provide a constant 360 degree awareness of nearby objects. Our proximity alert software signals with a visual and an audible alert when the vehicle comes close to another object or person. This gives the operator plenty of time to slow or reach a complete stop to avoid collision.


  • Avoid compensate and related cost for employee's injury or killed;
  • Avoid Higher insurance premiums;
  • Save cost for the medical issue;
  • Save cost for equipment repair;
  • Save time for the worker treat and equipment repair;

People Management/Localization/Monitoring:

  • People attend/absent;
  • People accurate positioning, precision is 0-8m (adjustable);
  • Unauthorized enter alarm/allowed enter statistic;
  • Easy know when and who in some target place;
  • Urgent status rescue;
  • Real time position for the worker/student/visitor/old people;

Valuable Asset Anti-theft:

  • Each asset mounted a RFID tag;
  • Reader monitor the tag in it's range;
  • Asset unauthorized taken out alarm;
  • Tag unauthorized removed alarm;
  • Asset taken away from target place alarm;

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