RFID For Parking Pass Solution

                                    RFID For Parking Pass

Solution Overview:

In recent years, RFID technology has become more cost effective and has been applied to a wide variety of industries – especially parking pass. In the busy working routine and the fastest growing economy, almost 15 lakh cars are owned every year. The cars have made the traffic more congested, and people who travel to their offices by cars are unable to find parking space and have to wait in queues for their identification.Finding the proper space for your car in the parking area consumes muchtime, so the EVERTREND has come up with the best parking management solution. The RFID tag solution saves the user information and the car details in the tag. The tag now acts as a permit by specifying the driver with proper parking space area and also manage payments for the paid parking lots or ticketing in the toll areas.  Unauthorized members are identified quickly because the RFID parking software is linked with the management capabilities.RFID electronic tag is placed in the holder’s card or vehicle and will be scan at the entrance. The scanner will read the user information and update the check in and check out time of the vehicle. The driver will be able to park the car in the permit space. If the user has to pay for parking, then the information will be forwarded to thebank and the amount will automatically be deducted from the user account.
The most notable benefit of RFID parking management solutions is that vehicles can be permitted to enter or exit the parking facility without human intervention.As the vehicle enters or leaves, Ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID readers can identify a windshield tag. In other words, instead of swiping an ID card or pushing numbers on a keypad, all one has to do is simply approach the gate, where RFID readers will authenticate the vehicle and allow it to pass through. This eliminates the need for parking attendants and avoids having to inconvenience drivers, especially those who are too short to reach the card swiper or keypad from where they are sitting and, therefore, must routinely get out of the vehicle to make the gate open. RFID parking systems of this nature are already in use by transportation departments to make traveling on toll roads more efficient.


  • Reduced Operating Expenses;
  • Minimize Labor Costs and Human Error;
  • Enhanced Facility Safety and Security;
  • Elevated Customer Experience;
  • Return on Investment;

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