RFID For Event Solution

                                                                                     RFID For Event        

 RFID solutions provide a safer, simpler and more engaging experience for a concert

RFID solutions provide attendees a safer, easier and more engaging experience,combines the advanced access control features of EVERTREND  with ticket authentication, tracking, and much more. With our EVERTREND  system, event entry becomes a fast, orderly, and accurate process, greatly  reducing crowd control difficulties. Additionally, ticket authentication  completely eliminates the chance for ticket counterfeiting and ticket reuse.  Furthermore, EVERTREND can differentiate ticket levels (General  Admission, VIP, etc.) upon scan, allowing you to set access controls to certain  areas based on ticket holder's clearance level.Wristbands Tickets have  embedded RFID inlays with unique ID's, which are then automatically  registered as they pass through the RFID read zone or can be read manually by RFID handheld scanners.RFID solutions featuring wristband technology has allowed event organizers to keep the event running smoothly by tracking visitor numbers and flow using real-time and post-event analytics.


  • Avoid long queues and cause blockage at the entrance;
  • Solve the problem of fake tickets and avoid possible economic losses;
  • It effectively eliminated the entry of no ticket personnel and strengthened the safety and security measures in the music performance venues;
  • It can timely and accurately count the number of spectators, business income and check ticketing, and eliminate internal financial loopholes, which is more convenient for management;
  • Avoid the damage or loss of the ticket of the audience;
  • All the business work of event will be integrated into computer unified management to improve work efficiency;     
  • Through the classification of different identities of the audience, the information induction and the available value-added services are provided. After a long period of data accumulation and analysis, the dynamic data of the related industry market can be accumulated.

RFID solutions provide a safer, simpler and more engaging experience for Conference 

In past meetings, most of the conference sign in work was done through security personnel checking the identity of the participants,according to the information provided by the participants (work certificate, identity card)  for validation, it is easy to identify inaccurate.The efficiency of manual ticket check-in is low, the queue waits for the check-in time,which can hardly bear the accurate check-out and statistics of large volume personnel. The attendance statistics report can be checked by the organizer or leader after a certain period of time after the signing of the meeting, and the work efficiency is low and the consumption time is long.


  • Sign up quickly, quickly pass through the ticket,no need to wait in line,completely eliminate the occurrence of congestion;
  • Efficient identification, can accurately identify the status information of the participants, prevent the multi-use of a ticket, prevent the entry of non-ticket holders, and strengthen the security measures in the conference hall;
  • Real-time statistics of the data,  real-time data monitoring of the organizer, statistics of the number of people checked in,including should arrive,already arrival and number of people who have not yet arrived and list;
  • Avoid attending the conference because the tickets are lost or damaged so that they cannot enter the venue;

RFID solutions provide a safer, simpler and more engaging experience for Exhibition 

A variety of exhibition activities are becoming more and more frequent.It has brought great test to the staff and management of the organizers and stadiums and venues. There are many problems in traditional ticket issuance and management, such as fake tickets, and the efficiency of checking tickets is also very low, it is difficult to cope with the peak period; and RFID intelligent tickets can not only solve these problems well, but also help the organizers to dig and use the information of the exhibition personnel;


RFID wristband ticket is to use advanced RFID technology to combine communication, database and information management technology to provide a new exhibition information system based on electronic label real-time data collection for exhibition organizers and managers.

  • Establish a complete computer management system for electronic ticket ticketing to realize the business management of the whole process of computer ticket / ticketing, ticket checking / ticket checking, ticketing management, data collection and settlement, data collection and statistics, information analysis, counterfeiting, report and so on;
  • All the business activities of the exhibition will be integrated into the unified management of computers, so as to improve the efficiency and block the loopholes in the issuance of Finance and ticketing;
  • Solve the problem of ticket fraud and avoid possible economic losses;
  •  Through in-depth excavation of exhibition customer information, further improve the service level of the exhibition and improve customer satisfaction;
  • To enhance the image and brand of the exhibition activities;


  • Eliminating economic losses caused by counterfeiting tickets;
  • Effectively eliminated the entry of non-ticket personnel and strengthened the safety and security measures in the exhibition hall;
  • Accurately count the number of visitors, operating income, and check ticketing, eliminate internal financial loopholes, and make it easier to manage;
  • To avoid viewers from being damaged or missing tickets;
  • Through the classification and division of different identities of exhibitors and spectators, provide value-added services for information induction and utilization, and accumulate dynamic data of relevant industry markets after long-term data accumulation and analysis;

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