RFID For Logistics Solution

                                            RFID For Logistics



Transport and logistics impacts a wide spectrum of industries. Commerce fails when you do not move goods from point to point in the supply chain or move people around the world. The demand to transport assets faster,better, cheaper and ultimately safer.As the cost of labor continues to rise and as companies look to implement additional safety and security provisions, more and more companies are looking to Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) as a tool to reduce errors and improve efficiencies.

Shipment Verification:Automate tracking of shipments moving in and out of dock doors for efficient processes and accurate data in your shipping systems. Gain insights that can further automate processes and drive operational efficiencies.

Optimize Operations:Automate the tracking and movement of goods and assets to gain item-level insights that identify bottlenecks and traffic patterns, so you can create an efficient system that keeps shipments moving.

Asset Management:Automate check-in and -out procedures, maintenance alerts, and location monitoring to get the most out of your investments. Know where assets are, and if they’re ready for shipment and spend less time looking for items and more time using them.

Warehouse Inventory Location :Track every item in your warehouse so you know where everything is and can easily meet customer demands. Optimize storage and product movement, and ensure that you have what you need to run your business efficiently.


  • Enhanced customer service by increasing the accuracy and number of on-time deliveries;
  • Reduced labour and inventory carrying costs and improved efficiency for the loading, tracking and delivery of cargo;
  • A reduced loss of cargo through theft, mishandling or expiration with improved tracking and status information;
  •  Reduced fleet maintenance costs and increased fleet availability (asset uptime) by parts availability to support scheduled and preventive maintenance;
  • Provision of safe and secure freight transport with container management solutions and electronic container manifests;

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