RFID Disc Metal Tag

RFID Disc Metal Tag

                                                                  RFID Disc Metal Tag 

RFID Metal Tags is specially designed for used on metal. RFID Metal Tags stick on the metal surface and It can seismic resistance, anti-corrosion, magnetic, moistureproof, durability ect.The RFID Disc water-proof Tag is laminated with PVC or PET.Because of our Direct Bonding technology,the surface is more flat resulting in great printing performance. Silk screen and Laser printing is available upon request.

Product Information:

  • Material:PVC, PET 
  • Frequency: 125KHz,13.56MHz
  • Tag Type: Write and Read
  • Read Range:5~10cm
  • Dimension:Φ30mm
  • Weight: 2g
  • Temperature: -20 to +55 degrees Celsius
  • Write Endurance: above 100000 cycles
  • Memory Retention: above 10 years
  • Power Source: No Battery Required
  • Strong lamination housing

Craft option:

  • Custom logo,Silk-screen printing, Laser engrave
  • Adhesive,Ordinary Adhesive sticker, 3M Adhesive Layer Optional
  • Chip encoding 
  • UID number 


  • Security Process Control
  • Asset tracking
  • Device embedded
  • Identification
  • Inventory management

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