RFID For Food Solution

                                                                            RFID For Food


RFID tag attached on the box of food or food, reader and antenna are connected, sensor and reader are integrated, the read data packet are over the network transferred to the database of food safety management, while the manufacturers in all sectors of food supply chain and product information are registrated to the RFID public service system based on food safety management database. Through the supply chain information integration, system can provide food service, food safety, traceability, food quality assessment of a variety of applications.


  • To realize the full record of food information in production, wholesale market, supermarkets.To achieve a close link and have good tracking effect.
  • Avoid loss of data in food circulation or human intervention in circulation, and ensure food safety is reliable.
  • It is convenient for every consumer and manager to know the source and transportation process of food and improve the safety monitoring of food.

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