RFID Rings Tags

RFID Rings Tags


                      RFID Chicken  and Pigeon Rings Tags

Evertrend Tags has announced the RFID animal foot ring, with an embedded low-frequency (LF) passive inlays. The RFID tag (RFID Ring) locked in the small animal's feet, can be used to track the pigeons, birds, chickens and other poultry. It has two designs of open and closed so that it can be easily used for various pigeons. When the labeling of poultry into the RFID read range, the leg can automatically collect RFID data, and can encode a series of data, such as animal feed, pharmaceuticals, animal nutrition replenishment. Evertrend RFID animal tag for animal foot ring sealed ABS plastic case in the aggregate, waterproof and suitable for outdoor environment, but also according to customer demand compatible ISO 11784, ISO 11785 FDX-B standard.

Product description:

  • Frequency range: 125KHz,134.2KHz
  • Protocol: ISO 11784, ISO 11785 FDX-B
  • Chip:EM4100,EM4305,TK4100,Hitag
  • Read Distance:5-10cm(Depending on reading device)
  • Material:TPU
  • Weight:2g
  • Dimensions:9mm*10mm
  • Color:Black/Red/Blue etc( Customizable)
  • Working Temperature:-20~70℃
  • Storage temperature:-25℃~+80℃
  • Protective Level:IP 68

Key Features:

  • Small Size and Light Weight,Flexible and easy-to-wear
  • Non-toxic, Non-cracking, Long durability, do not stimulate the skin
  • Waterproof, Moisture-proof, Shockproof, High temperature resistant
  • Custom colors and Logo


  •  Identification and tracking of Pigeon, chicken, duck, geese, rabbit and other birds
  • Store and analyze information of each lots of poultry
  • Management for Vaccination, disease control, and health control
  • Management of population of poultry            

Product Photos:

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