Access Control Solution


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Access control is a vitally important application of RFID, simultaneously administering access for credentialed users while providing data for applications like time and attendance and tax compliance. Credentials can be leveraged further to support payment, stock control and even safety compliance applications. Best of all, RFID access control has strong advantages over conventional contact methods, from enhanced security, convenience, reliable data collection and much more cost-effective system management.

Using a unique, read-only code, RFID access control is secure and easy.Tough yet compact RFID read head with sufficient read range simplifies the installation of an access control system.In manufacturing facilities, secure laboratories, company entrances, and public buildings, access rights must be controlled. This is accomplished using RFID technology.Suitable RFID tags in an appropriate housing style with the necessary RFID readers must be available. The entire access control system must be managed from a PC-based central control system, and, depending on the total size of the access system, centralized or decentralized control should also be possible. The control software is developed and implemented by a system integrator.RFID systems are a reliable and maintenance-free option to control access rights. Authorized personnel gain access to an area by passing an RFID tag over a reader. Location-specific access rights can be granted and modified when necessary, and lost tags can be blocked.


  • Deter theft;
  • Track personnel and visitors;
  • Limit access to restricted areas based on role;

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