RFID For Library Solution

                                                 RFID For Library 


Our RFID Library Labels (or tags) truly support the evolving education industry with automatic data capture and item tracking functionality.RFID can simplify  library article return, product sorting and theft prevention.RFID library management, using RFID tags library, is easy and convenient. A RFID library management system consists of books,each attached with an RFID tag, RFID Reader,computer network and software.Library staff handle lending, returning, sorting,tagging etc. of books, using RFID tags in this library system.A person can locate RFID library books marked with a RFID tags, using the RFID reader which identifies and locates the book. When the book is carried to the counter, the library staff can either activate or deactivate the electronic article surveillance bit in the book's tag.

Features and Benefits

  • RFID improves library workflow;
  • Improves customer service;
  • Assist inventory check with ease;
  • Easy book identification for shelving process;
  • Allow better accuracy in book collection management, resulting in reduced book purchase;
  • Ability to locate specific items;
  • Theft reduction, Improved tracking of high value items;

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