RFID Animal Implant Tags

RFID Animal Implant Tags

RFID Animal Implant Tags

We supply RFID animal implant tags use for the RFID animal inject. RFID animal implant tags contains the syringe body and RFID glass tag, which specially designed for the management of the animal raising and butchering. It meets the international standard of animal identification. It is designed and produced with the super RFID chip from EM micro-electronic and it has both read and writes functions. Each transponder has a unique design security. In the animal raising and butchering, it can trace the animal's identification by using the compatible standard reader products. The product has been sterilized by EO gas and it is valid for 5years. The Parylene is applied to the tags.

You can order the Syringe suite or single transponder according to the requirement of your project.

Product Details:

RFID Glass Tube Tag

  • Product Name:RFID Glass Tube Tag
  • Material:Biochemical Glass Tube
  • Frequency:125KHz,134.2KHz
  • Chip:EM4305,EM4100,TK4100,Hitag
  • Supported Standards:ISO11784,ISO11785,FDX-B
  • Read Distance:3~10cm(Depending on reading device)
  • Storage:64bit/ 512bit /128bit
  • Size:Φ2.12*12mm(Common Use Model Size),Φ1.4*8mm,Φ2.12*8mm,Φ1.25*7mm;(±0.2mm)
  • Protection Standard: IP67
  • Storage Temperature:-40 ~ 70 

Animal ID Transponder Syringe

  • Product Name:RFID Glass Tag
  • Color:White and Green 
  • Syringe Sterilization:EO Gas
  • Period Of Validity: > 5 years
  • Syringe Material: Polypropylene
  • Operating temperature:-20℃ ~ 50 ℃

Product Feature:

  • Best performance to size ratio, very small, but with good reading distance.
  • Possibility to inject the tag under the skin, compliant with ISO11784/11785 standard.
  • Medical Standard Material, bio-compatible glass encapsulation.
  • Simple injection/implant.


  • Pet or high value animal management, like: fish, dogs, cats and other pet management.
  • Game and Wild life management.
  • Scientific research and studies of animal populations.

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