RFID PVC Coin Tag 

RFID PVC Coin Tag is laminated with PVC, water-proof tag. The tag could be with adhesive back, this RFID tag could be mounted on nonmetallic surface. And because of our Direct Bonding technology the surface would more flatter that could have great printing performance. Silk screen and Offset printings are available upon request.

Product Information:

  • Frequency:125KHz,13.56MHz
  • Protocol: ISO10536/14443/15693
  • Chip:TK4100/TEMIC/Mifare/I-CODE SLI
  • Storage: 64bit / 1024Byte/8K bits /1K bits
  • Read/Write distance:(1-5)cm
  • Dimension: Different diameter is available (Minimum size is Φ5mm);
  • Material: PVC
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ +80 degrees Celsius

Personalization Support:

  • Silk-screen printing with logo
  • Ink-jet printing or Thermal transfer printing or Laser process of Serial Number
  • Chip encoding
  •  Laser Logo
  • 3M sticker
  • Anti-metal layer


  • Access Control & Security
  • Device embedded
  • Material identification/Item Identification
  • Pharmaceutical management
  • Machine identification tag
  •  Inventory control

There are numerous types of RFID PVC Coin Tags; each designed for a specific application. Here we will attempt to categorize them and provide a lay explanation of their functions. If you are looking for a specific RFID PVC Coin Tags product and it is not on our website, we are sorry. However this does not mean that we can not help you. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your business needs and we promise we can help you.

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