70*20mm UHF RFID Metal Tag

70*20mm UHF RFID Metal Tag

                                                             70*20*3mm UHF RFID Metal Tag 

Evertrend is a leading supplier for UHF RFID Metal Tag. The Evertrend RFID metal tag has been used in most applications, such as logistics tracking, Asset Tracking, Container Tracking etc.The UHF Metal Tag is specially designed for use on metal and can be read in long distance. The UHF Metal Tag stick on the metal surface and it can seismic resistance, anti-corrosion, magnetic, moisture proof, durability etc. 

Features introduction:

  • Tag Size:70*20*3mm
  • Tag type: Passive UHF RFID Tag, Read/Write
  • Protocol: EPC Class1Gen2(ISO18000-6C)
  • Frequency range: 860^868MHz, 902~928MHz (Customizable according to different country)
  • Chip: Alien Higgs3, Impinj M4 (Customizable)
  • Storage: EPC 96Bits, User 512Bits
  • Handheld reader: 2m or above(28dBm),Fixed reader: 4m or above(30dBm)

Reading distance will be different according to the environmental and antenna gain

  • Erase cycle:≥100,000
  • Temperature: -40~200℃
  • Attachment: 3M9495LE(-40~150℃)
  • Protective Level: IP68
  • Electrostatic Protection: 2000V
  • Two Screw hole

Physical parameters:

  • Dimension: 70*20*3mm(±0.2mm)
  • Base Material: FR-4 (PCB)
  • Antenna: Etching Copper foil


  • Asset Management
  • Warehousing Management
  • Matel pallet Administration
  • Administration of high pressure container

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